10 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins for Your Website in 2023

Many times this feature is in place to help funnel visitor queries to the proper team member’s live chat to maximize efficiency. However, an AI-powered chatbot that uses deep learning and language processing can adapt to conversations more effectively. That said, it takes time for them to pick up the nuances of human language.

I don’t think they’re going to replace entire customer service departments for websites soon, but in a couple of years, they’re probably going to be all over the internet. Chatbots might not replace traditional support agents anytime soon, but the progress is impressive. Depending on how much work you put into your chatbot and what service you use, the experience itself can be fun and not frustrating for users.

WP-Chatbot for Messenger by Mobile Monkey

Here are the why’s and how’s to help you with chatbot best practices in 2022 and beyond. You can add it as a widget or embed it on a webpage, or have it as a full-page chatbot. A chatbot is yet another tool that you can add to your WordPress website. As a digital tool, there are various ways for you to install a chatbot on your WordPress website.


When you are running a high volume website, best chatbots for wordpress bots are the best option to pick. You do not want to sit and reply to each of your users about similar questions every day. IBM Watson chatbot plugin is an exclusive chatbot for WordPress.


As for the Corporate package, it costs $300 per month and offers unlimited chatbots and users. The premium package has 5 chatbots, 6 users and costs $90 per month. The Starter package offers 2 chatbots and 3 users, costing $24 per month. Tidio is one of the best chatbots for websites and other platforms. No code experience is needed for installing this chatbot plugin or adjusting the plugin settings.

How do I create a chat app for WordPress?

  1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard, then find the Plugins” menu.
  2. Click on “Add New” and search for “LiveChat”.
  3. Activate the live chat plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Click the LiveChat menu on the left.
  5. Create a new account or sign in if you already have a LiveChat account.

ProProfs ChatBot is the perfect automation solution for businesses who wish to avoid technical complexities during the setup process of chatbot plugins. You don’t need any coding skills to complete its setup and start its use on your website right away. This chatbot works on branching logic, therefore helping you design a complete conversation between your customers and the chatbot. This powerful chatbot WordPress plugin comes from IBM and is built in such a way that it can answer the needs of a wide variety of websites with ease. Chatbot with IBM Watson lets you add a chatbox to your website and provide customized responses with images and clickable content. There are many benefits to WordPress chatbots for businesses.

Best WooCommerce Chatbot Plugins in 2023

If you’re interested in adding a chatbot to your site, the first step is choosing a platform on which to build it. Fortunately, there are several great options that integrate seamlessly with WordPress sites — and these nine are some of the best. If you’re seeking a chatbot that works tirelessly, Chatra is your go-to tool and is easier to use than other chatbot builders services. If you want to improve your services by listening to your customers, this chatbot for WordPress is for you. Hybrid.Chat offers Conversational AI chatbots for WordPress websites to improve services.

Can you make WordPress interactive?

Creating Interactive Images in WordPress. The easiest way to add clickable areas, also known as hotspots, is by using Draw Attention. This plugin allows you to either show a 'more info' popup or open a new URL when the user interacts with an image.

Connect chatbot to KBsThis helps solve problems faster without the need for you to have live agents on call at all hours. Drift WordPress settingsAs soon as you’ve completed this process, your chatbot can be up and running instantly. Many of the inquiries a service-based company’s support team receives are about details specific to their projects and accounts.

What Most People Get Wrong about Chatbots?

It helps you get to know customers better and improve their experience with your brand. In fact, we showed you how to build a basic chatbot using the service, as well as how to add it to WordPress. Although chatbots can be plenty useful, it’s always a good idea to have a human backup who can handle any ‘off-piste’ queries. Botsify shines in this area thanks to a feature they call ‘Human Handover’. If you’ve ever used Facebook Messenger to interact with a business, you might have been using a chatbot without knowing it. Messenger bots come in a lot of flavors, such as regular live-support experiences and e-commerce assistants.


See Facebook Messenger chatbot examples from SaaS, restaurants, and online businesses. This WordPress chatbot guide is your Rosetta Stone for all things chatbot. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll understand what the best WordPress chatbots can do for you. 10 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins Discover the best live chat plugins for your WordPress website. If, however, you want to upgrade, premium access starts at $14 per month. To respond to visitor messages, simply access the external Zopim Dashboard – if you want to access chats on the go, you can install a dedicated Android or iPhone app, too.

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